Free poetry books – to read further

You can find below my poetry works. (This page will be updated). All rights reserved, but you can contact me ( if you want to use some poem(s), while mentioning my name/blog, please.

Whitsundying (2019) is a retelling of the Bible from a personal point of view.

Melted wax, still cold – still wax (2019) deals with lesbianism, identity, language and metapoetry.

Prose du vide (2018) (in French) is a collection of prose poems about the void, mental illness and a coming of age kind of story. It’s followed by a short note d’intention explaining my writing process and goals with this book.

Crustacés terrestres (2015 – 2018) (in French) is a collection of short poems mostly exploring the thematics of light and shadow.

Tessons (2015 -2018) is a mix of Prose du vide and Crustacés terrestres. 

carmine denis whitsundying

melted wax still cold still wax carmine denis

carmine denis prose du vide

crustacés terrestres carmine denis

Tessons Carmine Denis