Oh domestic September…

Oh domestic September,
Tamed month of rot-
-ating light over buildings –
The women are there writing,
On invisible leaves,
As I’m drinking in the middle of the city
At the throat of some older woman
Who spits water – winter and summer
And the women still write, some sigh
The dying day will soon decline –
Domestic September, ready yourselves
To put your head in its tranquil sunlight




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Cold water etiquette

« Careful, watch your step! Follow
The etiquette! She’s not known
For her mercy, she won’t pardon
Early mistakes. First,
Tiptoe around, on the wet sand
So smooth it fools your kin
Into weakness. Immerse
Your toe, the big one
From the foot you don’t like. If the nail
Blackens, get out; if it becomes
Crystalline like her, you’ve been chosen
And your swimming will be easy.
Careful, watch your step. Walk slowly, and feel
Her icy hand gripping your neck, all the way up
From your ankles. Your veins
Are blue now. She empties
Your eyeballs. No, don’t bring
Any mirror: she doesn’t like
Rivals. After this you’re on your own;
Swim or float, but
Careful, watch your step! »

Say the drowned; their bleached bones
Move with algae, their missing limbs
Remembering the days
They entered water, carefully
Watching their steps.

Going hungry

hungry summer claws my stomach
and smells of absent meals


is hunger an even verb
or did I make it up


don’t let me sleep, no
don’t let me sleep


dogs of hunger wait for my call
cats of hunger roll over expose their belliness
bugs of hunger leave trails of dirt leaving the place


I wait alone with my hunger
I’ll wrinkle before my time


hunger is after all a decent fellow
companion of golden hours
fasting does grow the days slower


it took my hand
left it trembling


(let it rumble
like the wrath of an inner god)


hunger is male-voiced
not very friendly
tiny tiny
while the streets are ablaze
I hunger


I do nothing but hunger I am
a great citizen of this town
I do not ask I do not take
I stand at my place perfecting
my smile of unused teeth


oh, so white is the sky
so empty the pantry
so full of himself is hunger


full enough for two, definitely
enough for me
enough of me